Stags News · Berkeley County officer shares story of tragic loss so students will take ‘Prom Promise’

It’s a night to remember, but also a night filled with temptations.

Saturday is prom night for Berkeley High School, and the school resource officer at Berkeley is on a mission to get students to make the Prom Promise pledge.

Officer Travis Dodd devoted the entire week to teaching students the dangers of drinking and driving.

“This week is a big deal to me, it always has been,” said Dodd. “They’re paying more attention to things, they’re actually listening to the message that we have and it’s best to hammer it home and from my experience, hammer it home in that one week.”

Earlier this week, students took field sobriety tests and wore impairment goggles. Dodd also lined up food trucks for each day and prizes for pledges.

On Thursday, guest speakers shared some sobering stories, including Dodd. He opened up about a personal tragedy, an accident that claimed the life of his brother-in-law and nearly killed his wife.

“A lot of what these people talk about today about how it affects families, how it affects people, I’m one of the people it affects,” he said. “Many years ago, my wife was the passenger in a vehicle. They were sitting at an intersection and a drunk (driver) ran a red light. The vehicle plowed into the car, rolled on top of the vehicle they were in.”

Dodd also gave students his personal number and told them to call him if they ever needed a sober ride home, no questions asked.